Why do families choose Khan's?

We have the highest succeess rate and the #1 SHSAT Program in NYC.

30,000 Students

Every year about 30,000 students take the SHSAT exam to get into top High Schools in New York City and only 2,800 are admitted into the top three - Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, & Brooklyn Tech.

3,361 Acceptances

KT's SHSAT program has helped 3,361 students gain acceptance to NYC's prestigious Specialized High Schools.

363 Accepted in 2019

In 2019, 363 KT students were accepted to NYC's Top Specialized High Schools, bringing our total SHSAT acceptances to 3,361 acceptances since 1994.

Our Program

KT's renowned SHSAT leaders are regularly trained by Senior KT officials to provide the best quality to our SHSAT families.

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Our Program

We prepare our students to master the SHSAT and to succeed in High School.

Weekly Classes
& Workshops

Our KT Signature Lessons, Classwork, & Homework is material created by senior KT SHSAT leaders and is exclusive to our students.

KT SHSAT Diagnostic Exams

Every 4-6 weeks, signature KT diagnostic exams are administered to students.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

After every diagnostic exam, we hold Parent-Teacher Conferences to discuss the progress of the student, and how they can improve their study habits at KT, in school, and at home.

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What are benefits parents & students see after enrollment?

After enrolling in KT, parents and students see a wide range of improvements in their SHSAT skills.

Specialized High Schools

Students get admitted into Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech and the new Specialized High Schools!

Report Cards

After KT, Students see drastic academic improvements in classes and subsequently improvements in report card grades.


Due to the challenging material mastered in our SHSAT program, students are better prepared for advanced classes and programs in Middle School and later in High School.

Annual SHSAT Awards Ceremony

All students that have gained admission to a Specialized High School receive an invitation to our Annual SHSAT Awards Ceremony.

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